Our vendors have print solutions for all the specialised areas of printing.

Have a volume billing application? We will recommend ways to handle these whilst reducing cost per page and increasing reliability during operation. Need to print on variable sizes of form? We have the solution. Need to position barcodes onto packages? We have the options you may need.

We recently helped one major organisation to cut $500K from their annual print costs. We help most of the banks in East Africa handle their point of sale printing. We also help many of the education institutes print and distribute exam results – all printed within 48 hours to ensure simultaneous distribution of results.

Our technologies take us from impact, line, thermal and ink, also handling mobile, factory, office and warehouse locations with ease and cost effective, fully supported products.

The other important component for any of our customers is supplying Original consumables, the value of a printing solution is measured by the quality and reliability of its output. Having a quality output depends on both the printer and the consumables, when it comes to print quality Only Originals give our customers exceptional print quality as well as lower cost of ownership, reduced downtime and are all backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Pan-Africa support from trained partners are all in place.


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Sewoo Distributor Africa

Sewoo are a global leader in the mini-printer industry, they are dedicated to making a better Total Printing Solution with diverse innovative and reliable products. SEWOO’s standards have been demonstrated in 80 countries throughout the world since its establishment in April 2002.

The range includes POS printers, Mechanism, Mobile printers, Label printers and RFID printers reflecting rapidly changing market demands in Retail, Hospitality and the Auto Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) industry. They also manufacture diverse interfaces and accessories to make it easier to use their printers and to totally satisfy the customer’s need.

Printer Range
POS Printers – Thermal Receipt & Dot Impact
Label Printers – Barcode Label & RFID
Mobile Printers – Mobile Receipt & Mobile Label
Smart Terminals - Industrial Computers & Handheld Devices

Sewoo Label Printers, Africa

Sewoo POS Printers, Africa
Sewoo Label Printer, Africa
Sewoo Mobile Printers, Africa

Printronix Printers Distributor Africa

For more than 40 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing. Offering the two most-trusted brand names in back office and supply chain printing, Printronix and TallyGenicom, known throughout automotive, retail, food & beverage, government and utilities and transportation and logistics enterprises across the globe.

Printronix are the foremost global expert on both the manufacturing of the printers and the ribbons. The value of an industrial printing solution is measured by the quality and reliability of the output which it produces, and therefore, to have a quality printer is only half of the equation. This is why Printronix has never ceased to continually improve the quality and value of their Original consumables.

Printronix line printers, impact printing, Africa

Genuine TallyGenicom Consumables, Africa
GenuinePrintronix Consumables, Africa
Printronix Consumables, Africa

Dascom Distributor Africa

For more than three decades Dascom has been involved in business printing solutions, telecommunications, and advanced technology – serving some of the largest international clients in the world.

From barcodes, bills of lading, invoices, multi-part forms and a host of other critical documents, Dascom printers are the advanced technology solution that businesses world-wide call on when seeking the best in cost-effective printing.

Some of the world’s largest companies in logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, healthcare and more depend on Dascom to deliver the best in time critical performance and custom solutions when their business is on the line.